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New Zealand Bird Atlas data can be collected anywhere, from your back garden, local park, farmland, native forests to the mountain tops. This is an exciting project that we want all New Zealanders to participate in and to help make it as easy as possible we have created a number of ‘How to’ videos and an Atlas Handbook:

Download NZ Bird Atlas Handbook

How to Videos

GPS device help

With some 3,200 grid squares to cover, many of you may utilise your own GPS devices or mobile apps to help you locate and access the hard to reach locations. The following downloads provide you with the New Zealand Bird Atlas grid that you can load on your own device.

Download GPX file

Download KML file

Download KMZ file

Private land access

Many of the grid squares may require you to enter or cross private land to complete your data collection. Many landowners are more than happy to accommodate, and you should always have prior permission. The following letter templates should be used to request and thank owners for access. The identification card can be left on your dashboard to identify you when on private land.

Download Private Land Access Template

Download Thank You Letter

Download Dashboard Card

Exploring data

The most exciting aspect of a digital first Atlas is that in real time you can explore the data as it comes in. Including species distribution maps and viewing Atlas survey effort; all via the New Zealand Bird Atlas eBird website.

eBird website.

Other data entry

While this edition of the atlas is a digital first project, we understand some of you still love collecting analogue notes. So to help you collect data we have provided a field data sheet (with instructions) and a Microsoft Excel template. Once completed these can then be entered into the eBird Atlas website  or sent to the Atlas team.

Download Field Data Sheet (Pdf)

Download Field Data Sheet (Excel)


Tūturiwhatu, Banded Dotterel
Macaulay River, Mackenzie District
-43.7115, 170.5772
eBird Checklist: S39096328