Bird watching has long been an enjoyable pastime for many, with the natural beauty of different species of bird drawing people into an area from all around. Bird watching can require high levels of patience, and can often involve a lot of sitting around and keep quiet so as to not disturb the birds being observed and maximise the potential of seeing several stunning species up close. Staying relatively still and being patient can sure take its toll, so here is some advice for how bird watchers can stay fit and healthy whilst enjoying their hobby.


As is the case for the birds you’ll be trying to capture in action, maintaining a healthy diet is important. Maintain your intake of fluids whilst you’re out bird watching, particularly if you’ve had to walk long distances to reach your favourite viewing spot. You should be aiming to drink plenty of water, whilst also eating a nutritious and balanced diet so that your body can get the vitamins and energy it needs. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables so that your body can get the full range of nutrients it needs, with 5 portions per day being the recommended minimum people should be aiming for.


Whilst largely being a hobby enjoyed in the great outdoors, the calm nature of bird watching that can require watchers to sit or stand around for prolonged periods can limit the opportunities for vigorous exercise. To keep yourself in the best possible shape, you should try incorporating exercise routines into your bird watching adventures. One way this can be achieved is by choosing an observation location that’s a little more remote and requires some additional walking to reach. You could also use resistance bands whilst in a bird-watching cabin to keep your limbs moving and help burn off any excess energy. Resistance bands are a great way of exercising your muscles without the need to carry around loads of heavy weights, and they are easy to slip into your bag.

It can be highly relaxing to spend a day in a bird-watching hut as you observe majestic birds in their natural habitat and record the different species you’re lucky enough to witness for yourself. Remaining quiet, calm and patient can be the key to allowing birds to get closer to you and to prevent them from being disturbed and flying away. This tranquillity however doesn’t mean you should struggle to remain healthy, with the advice above of maintaining a good diet, taking in plenty of water and fitting in some exercise such as walking and training your limbs with resistance bands being a good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.