Birds all over the world come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We have birds that can fly to the furthest part of the world, and some that don’t even have wings. Some are huge, while others could be enclosed in a human palm. The following is a list of the world’s biggest birds.


An ostrich stands at seven to nine feet tall and weighs an average of 230 pounds. They don’t fly, but they are the fastest known species on two legs with a speed of 43 mph and can run for up to 10 miles.

Southern Cassowary

It is ranked first as the most dangerous birds. It is also among the largest birds on earth. The Southern Crossway weighs about 150 pounds. On each foot, the birds are equipped with a five-inch claw to attack and defend themselves.

Greater Rhea

They are among the largest flightless birds found on earth. They stand at five feet tall and weigh approximately 66 pounds. They are not ferocious, but they gather in large flocks of about 100 birds during non-mating seasons, so be careful if you ever get around them.

Dalmatian Pelican

This bird is six feet tall and weighs at least 33 pounds. It can stretch its wings up to nine feet in length. These terrifying birds are native to Europe and Asia. They breed in colonies of about 250 pairs and can swallow tens of fish in one gulp.

Mute Swan

They are the heaviest flying birds that look harmless. However, when it comes to defending their families and territories, they are far from being mute. They are known to launch assaults, especially on male swans. Most of them are known even to attack people who have not provoked them.