Birds are beautiful and very fulfilling to watch. Birdwatchers have developed tips and techniques to make it easy to find and get a good closer look at more birds. The following are few documented tips for a great bird watching experience:

Be Quiet

Birds get easily startled, and they fly away from the slightest of noise and sudden movements. Minimizing noise will enable you to get closer and see the birds.

Be Patient

Bird watchers who have done it for a long time know that birds will fly closer and give you a nearer and even longer look to you if you patiently wait and be as still as possible.

Study the Habitat

Various birds are adapted to different habitats. The birds you see will greatly depend on the type of habitat you decide to visit.

Try Pishing

Pishing is making small and squeaky noises using your hand and mouth to attract birds. The pishing sound attracts mostly smaller birds.

Be Inconspicuous

A lot of birds have poor colour vision. Wearing bright colours will make you highly visible, and birds will fly away from you. It’s advisable to wear neutral, dark shades or camouflage, making you blend into the surrounding.